Tech Guide

Tech Guide Provides Valuable Information on Computer and Laptop Repair

Tech Guide is an online resource for consumer-driven tech news and reviews. Headquartered in San Francisco, Tech Guide caters to techies by providing insightful reviews, how-to, guides, news events, information and more. They also feature a forum where readers and visitors can voice their opinions and questions. For an active daily dose of tech news and information, subscribe to Tech Guide. You will receive emails when new items or announcements are listed; special offers and discount coupons are also sent via email.

For people who are not tech savvy, Tech Guide can be an excellent source of information and help. The comprehensive guide helps users navigate all aspects of using the Internet, including email, search engines, chat rooms and social networking. A variety of tools and applications, such as a “how-to” guide on using Windows, a shopping guide with coupons, a “contact us” form with suggestions on how to contact them, help sections with answers to frequently asked questions, and news sections with product and service highlights, provide additional help for those not familiar with the inner workings of technology. Additional resources include a newsletter that sends out regular newsletters with helpful articles, a “how-to” blog with information about a specific item, and a tech blog featuring the latest highlights. Tech Guide also offers a free daily email newsletter with articles, tips, and helpful links.

While it may be tempting to rely on “old-fashioned” services such as telephone and computer repair shops, it is doubtful that they can be as helpful as Tech Guide can be. Their phone numbers are generally listed on the home page; online help is available via their toll-free number or through their website. The company also offers assistance with computer problems via email, chat, and phone. If you have a computer problem that needs a tech’s attention, send them an email asking what kind of help they can provide. Their expertise makes it easy for them to point you in the right direction and give you the information you need.