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Tech Guide is an online community for the exchange of information about the latest tech gadgets and technology trends. Technological innovations are the primary focus of this website. The site covers the entire gamut of the newest technological innovations from the most cutting edge tech products to the most obscure technology peripheral available. Tech Guide provides detailed information on new gadgets and technology trends as well as interviews with leading industry insiders. There are various categories which Tech Guide has put together based on consumer electronic products, personal tech, office tech, electronics, laptops, networking, and technology trends. In addition to having a complete catalog of the latest technology gadgets, this website also offers reviews on the hottest selling consumer electronics products.

Tech Guide

Tech Guide, an online community for the exchange of information about tech topics of all sorts, is one of the most comprehensive websites on the internet. Headquartered in San Francisco, Tech Guide consists of a network of experts ranging from industry veterans to early adopters. Each contributor to the site holds a wealth of knowledge about whatever topic you may be interested in. This is because the site aims to bring together a community of real people who have real experiences and provide real tips and ideas on all sorts of consumer electronics and technology issues.

Recently, I had a chance to chat with one of our contributors who shared some of his adventuresome tech stories about his work. One of my tech questions of the day was “Where did you get your blue-eye glasses?” After several seconds of deliberation, the contributor returned with “I got them at CNET.” A quick search of the net revealed that the contributor knew something I didn’t!