Cybersecurity: Assessing and Resolving New Opportunities

Cybersecurity, computer security or network security is essentially the protection of computer networks and systems from outside information access, theft of data, or malicious attacks on them, and from the deliberate disruption or misuse of their services. Cybersecurity is also a branch of Information Technology Security, which seeks to protect information systems from vulnerabilities that can be used to do harm, including denial of service attacks, data loss and software glitches. These practices are also known as application security, digital protection, information assurance, information security, firewall, and anti-virus. The most common methods of cyber security include installation of an encryption firewall, monitoring and control systems, configurations for keeping the system secure, and use of DDoS (directed online attacks) defense. Some other techniques such as manual configurations for controlling the system, and updates and patches may be used, but their effect is usually indirect. In short, the aim of cybersecurity is to stop hackers from getting into computers and then leaving through holes that hackers can exploit.


unauthorized access to a computer system allows attackers to obtain and exfiltrate confidential information and also attacks the confidentiality and integrity of the system. In some cases, malware is used for cyber security purposes. Malware is a type of software that enables hackers to infiltrate data and carry out activities without human intervention. Hackers exploit vulnerabilities of websites, computers and gadgets by sending e-mails with bogus invitations and posting phony security alerts. A large number of cyber criminals and hackers use spear phishing to send mass e-mail messages that appear to come from reputable companies and ask users to download downloadable programs that install spyware or a virus into their computers.

Cybersecurity, like traditional security aims to prevent intrusion, infiltration and destruction of systems and data. It also seeks to detect, describe, and mitigate threats and defend organizations from attacks. Cybersecurity professionals work to prevent and mitigate unauthorized access, develop and maintain systems to protect information, and deal with vulnerabilities and risk associated with information and network systems. All these efforts form the basis of cybersecurity.