The Internet’s Growth and Impact

The Internet has become an international telecommunications platform that offers connectivity to millions of different, smaller networks; so, the Internet is frequently called a global network of connections. It enables computer users to connect to each other around the globe, and even across international boundaries; in fact, Internet connections are now so universal that people can send and receive email on a cellular level from a regular PC. As for web browsing, it is the backbone of all Internet activity. In addition to facilitating online communication, browsing the Internet also provides a venue for information sharing, information gathering, and marketing (through sites like Wikipedia). Furthermore, the Internet also provides a huge amount of income for companies that have developed online businesses and services by providing access to the Web to consumers and businesses.

Although, the Internet was widely used as a communication tool for decades, recently, it has grown into something that redefines our daily habits and activities. For example, it is widely used for business. Companies use the Internet as a platform for conducting meetings and sharing information through email, discussion boards, and teleconferences. As well, individuals take the Internet for shopping, researching and obtaining information, social networking, and file sharing; some individuals even use the Internet as their primary form of work. Additionally, millions of Americans use the Internet for their daily tasks, such as checking for a lost item, sending an email, accessing a website, or searching the web. In fact, it is estimated that the Internet provides more free time than most adults have at their disposal.

Perhaps one of the most important things that the Internet provides is the ability to reach millions of potential customers around the world. Because the Internet does not discriminate based on geographical location, every individual and organization that wishes to communicate with the world wide web can do so. In addition, because the Internet does not restrict itself to a specific type of transaction or application, the Internet has the potential to provide financial services, job opportunities, electronic banking, and entertainment to individuals of any economic background and ethnicity. Further, as the world wide web continues to expand, new possibilities for the future of the Internet are continuously being imagined and created, thus creating a strong market for people who want to invest in the future of the world wide web.