What Is Cybersecurity?

Cybersecurity, computer network security or digital information security is basically the protection of computer networks and their networks from malicious attack, computer data theft or damage of either their hardware software or even electronic information, and from the indirect threat or disruption of their services. When a network or computer system has been compromised or is about to be compromised, typically this results in an intrusion, where hackers gain access to the networks and use this information for their own purposes. However, sometimes the hackers gain access to a network that involves stealing just enough information so that the network owner may not notice what has happened until it is too late. This makes the entire process extremely dangerous and even economical, especially if a network is used for financial transactions.


In the past, many were concerned about the threats of hacking because of the enormous cost and damage that such activity can cause. However, new and improved technologies have made it increasingly difficult for cyber attacks to successfully penetrate corporate and government networks. Companies and governments around the world are now investing heavily in combating cyber threats, which is why experts have continually warned businesses to implement strong cyber defenses and defend against cyber attacks. Some experts have gone so far as to suggest that the best way to prevent a cyber attack is to prevent it from happening in the first place.

In order to defend against these new threats, businesses need to develop and implement robust, yet easily customizable, cyber defense programs. A strong and customizable cyber defense program consists of many different elements such as antivirus and firewall applications, firewalls, and other types of anti-phishing measures. It also includes proactive measures such as the removal of known or suspected cyber threats, and education and awareness campaigns to bolster computer network security. In addition, companies need to closely collaborate with their peers in the business arena to discuss common cyber threats, develop mutual techniques and practices, and jointly deploy countermeasures. All of these efforts should help businesses prevent and minimize the impact of future cyber threats.