Who Uses the Internet?

The Internet is truly a global network that links computers all around the globe. Through the Internet, individuals can communicate verbally and share data from virtually any location with an Internet connection. For businesses, the Internet has provided new opportunities to expand their business and generate more sales. Some companies have taken full advantage of the Internet by opening online stores and offices, using the Internet for advertising or launching nationwide promotional campaigns. Some companies even hire Internet consultants to manage their Internet presence.


But one of the most popular uses of the Internet is for communication, especially through e-mail and other interactive applications. One reason why Internet usage is increasing so fast is because of broadband Internet connections that connect users through cable and phone lines and boost Internet access through new wireless Internet services such as Wi-Fi. Broadband Internet also allows users to download large files quickly through file sharing systems such as BitDefender, allowing them to be downloaded without using a slow Internet connection. Advanced computer networks are also used to allow voice and video transmissions, something that was previously carried out through telephone lines and VoIP.

Because the Internet allows so much communication, it has opened up many new opportunities for education and research. With a global network of sites offering information, anyone can now become a doctor, teacher, lawyer, accountant, or any professional one can think of. For educators, the Internet provides access to a world of intellectual knowledge that used to be available only to a few well-connected professionals. Finally, Internet usage has become widespread enough that the Federal Communication Commission is considering new regulations to protect consumers from harmful content on the Internet. If the FCC gets its way, consumers will be able to filter out Internet content they do not want to see, making the Internet less like a public utility and more like a public utility for those who are actually interested in what the Internet can offer.