A Consumer Guide to Online Tech Support

Technology Guide is your ultimate resource for tech news, reviews and consumer tips. Founded in San Francisco, Tech Guide is regarded as the go-to source for techies and technology industry insiders. As a member of the IDEA, the non-profit organization supporting high-tech enterprise, Tech Guide offers an online community of more than six million readers. Currently, Tech Guide is accessible from the website or through a number of print publications including books, journals, and business magazines. Tech Guide also syndicates several online columns dealing with technology, health, computers, education, gadgets and accessories.

The goals of the company are to provide consumers with the latest information on cutting edge technologies and bring to them first-hand knowledge of how technology affects their daily lives. With a network of over one hundred full-time editors and freelancers, tech support experts offer top notch customer service. In addition to the popular weekly newsletter, the company’s online site offers regular articles, a blog, free guides and tech support forums. In addition to offering information on cutting edge technology, the site provides entertainment and tips on personal computer issues, such as how to protect files from theft and how to keep your personal computer running smoothly. Tech Guide’s subscriber base has steadily increased over the years and the company prides itself on being “the best printed source for tech support.”

The goal of any good guide is to educate, inform and offer knowledge to the consumer. By providing relevant information and entertaining tips, Online tech support guides give customers a chance to gain practical knowledge about technologies, products and services without having to visit the vendor’s site. For instance, if you have a PC that was just released and is not working properly, visiting the manufacturer’s website is likely to turn up details on software, driver and other technical aspects of your computer that may be affecting its performance. However, visiting a consumer guide’s website on the internet will provide you with step-by-step instructions on how to repair your problem, allowing you to easily fix your PC in the comfort of your own home.