Internet Basics

The Internet is an international, fast and free broad network that links computer networks around the globe. It consists of a number of high-speed data lines which make up the Internet ” backbone.” These lines are connected via a bunch of cables and wires to various major Internet hubs which then distribute data to various other locations, including ISP routers and other web servers. All Internet activity, including email, web browsing, access to content and other uses of the Internet are all done via the Internet.


An Internet connection is fast because it travels at very fast speeds through many layers of networks until it reaches its destination. This means that an internet user can be on the Internet from one minute to the next, accessing the web via various channels at amazing speeds. To access certain types of information or to download content, however, an individual must have an Internet connection. The Internet also provides for VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services, which allow telephone calls to be made over the internet. Internet users use their computers to visit forums, send emails, chat with other users, check for job listings, and perform other common activities. Because the Internet has become widely used all over the world, it is useful for telecommuting employees and even for conducting business online, such as by providing customer and financial information.

Broadband Internet connection is the most widely used type of Internet service. The Internet offers reliable and speedy transmission speed, allowing the user to connect instantly with someone else even if the connection speed is slow. Internet service providers offer several options for broadband Internet, depending on how users want to use the service. For instance, users can select a so-called wired or wireless broadband Internet service from a range of available providers. There are also different bandwidths that the Internet service provider uses for the different types of connections, such as dial-up, cable, DSL, and satellite.