A Review of “Tech Guide: 3D Printers”

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Tech Guide

Besides keeping current on technological developments around the world, the site also features an archive of articles written about technology from various industries such as education, medicine, accounting, commercial IT, manufacturing, communications, consumer electronics, home design, healthcare and other related areas. For example, in the article “Tech Guide: 3 Things You Didn’t Know About Smartphones,” released in May 2010, author Jennifer Palmer provided useful insights on using smart phones, tablets and other touch screen devices to enhance productivity. Other topnotch articles in the series include “TV Guide: Choosing a Home TV,” “TV Guide: Choosing a Mobile TV” and “Tech Guide: 3D Printers.” In addition to providing comprehensive information on technology products and services, the site’s contractor management software helps homeowners in making informed decisions about making additions to their homes, repairing defective roofs and other projects. The contractor management software is available for download free from the site and can be used by homeowners before hiring a contractor.

In an article published in August 2010, author Christopher Morrison explained the benefits of upgrading to the Windows Server 2008 version, thereby adding the Microsoft Exchange server feature. According to him, users now have more control over their data by having more access to all of their databases. The computer and networking equipment used by businesses must be able to work with the latest versions of operating systems. As a result of that, companies who don’t update their systems run the risk of becoming outdated and losing customers and clients. The article, “Networking: Why Businesses Need the Latest Tech Guide,” published in the September issue ofmagazine highlighted several issues involving networking equipment and servers, including d2l brightspace, the wi-fi equipment and how to migrate from a Windows 2000 system to Windows Vista.