Internet – The Central Communication Tool of Our World

Internet, a distributed system architecture that has transformed global communication and monetary systems by enabling different computer networks across the globe to connect. At one time, the Internet was a simple network of computers but with time it has developed into something much more useful and important such as information technology, electronic mail, content management and online business. The Internet is a unique technology with many applications including business, education and entertainment. At its very core, the Internet consists of a collection of networks governed by the protocols set forth by the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA). This network is what makes up the Internet and all the servers and resources associated with it are accessible via the Internet.


One of the ways in which the Internet is used is for the exchange of information and ideas. One major example of this is the web browsing activity, which is facilitated by the browser. For instance, if you are using the internet to get an education, you may be looking at an academic website or an online museum. In most cases, the site you are visiting is connected to the internet and the resources it provides is available for you to download, use and modify. If you go deeper into the web, you will find many sites where people can meet and interact, such as online chat rooms, social networking sites, discussion boards and even social news sites which are full of people from different corners of the globe speaking different languages.

A very powerful form of the Internet also lies in its very existence in the form of the volunteer networks and international organizations who have come together for the purpose of collective effort and benefit from the powerful Internet technology. One good example of these types of communities is the Internet relay chat, otherwise known as IRC. This is a type of virtual conversation which takes place between members of an organization, group or even an individual user of the internet service. These IRCs or Internet Relay Chat sessions are usually closed between users, so that no one has to know what the other is talking about behind your back.