How Does Cybersecurity Affect Large Companies?

Cybersecurity, computer security, or computer information assurance is basically the protection of computer networks and systems against theft of data, intentional destruction of or damage to the equipment, software or digital information, and from the interruption or misdirection of their services. Computer information assurance also refers to the identification, validation, and response to attacks on networks and systems. This is done through the implementation of policies, procedures, and standards related to information assurance. The objectives of this are to limit the damage, loss, and vulnerabilities of a system, and promote the efficient use of such systems by those providing it, while ensuring that the system remains robust and resilient against attacks.


With the threat of hacking and data leaks in the information security field, it is important to implement techniques to prevent unauthorized access to and use of computers as well as to defend them against external attacks. There are a variety of cyber security measures a business can take including securing laptops and desktop computers with firewall and anti-virus software, creating firewalls to protect networks from intrusion, and installing updated firmware and security patches for all devices. However, there is no way to completely protect networks from malware attack, and malware is fast becoming one of the most serious threats to businesses today. Hackers are continually trying to find new ways to penetrate computer networks, and it can take months before a company can have its network protected.

Another serious issue that has emerged with the advent of cybercrime and the growth of malware attack is identity theft. Cyber criminals use stolen personal information to obtain credit card numbers, secure bank accounts, and even spread viruses among other devices. Because of this, it is important for businesses to work closely with their financial partners, local law enforcement agencies, and cyber criminals to stop cyber attacks and to prevent unauthorized access to devices. It can take months before any action can be taken to regain the information stolen by cyber criminals, but securing the information of every device in an organization’s network is essential to preventing cyber attacks on any organization.