Information About the Internet

The Internet is a vast global computer network complete with a few lines for connection to phone sets, fax machines and other things that you might find on a street corner. The Internet just moves information from one location to another, which means that data can be communicated, surfed and shared. Data travels over the Internet in a form of packet switching.


The Internet and the World Wide Web are both similar in many ways. They are both widely used and are available to everyone. The Internet is also a national network that is accessible to people all over the world, whereas the World Wide Web is accessible only to computers and internet service providers located within the local area of a user. Broadband internet access is widely used in the United States and some parts of the world. The Internet has played a large role in the creation of many new businesses and websites.

Some things you may not have heard about the Internet are email, web mail, cell phones, browsers, search engines, faxes, and the Windows and Linux operating systems. There are millions of people all over the world using the internet and millions more use it every day for different reasons, including communication. While the internet is made up of several major computer networks like the internet backbone, switches and router, the world wide web is made up of a bunch of different smaller networks, such as ISP’s (internet service provider’s) and individuals’ personal computers, wireless computers, other forms of connections ( wifi hotspots and others), browsers, and social media sites.