The Growing Emergence Of Cloud Computing As A Crucial Infrastructure Improvement

Computer security, cybersecurity or just information security is basically the protection of computer networks and systems from deliberate information leakage, intentional theft of or damage to the computer hardware, software or other electronic data, and from the interruption or misdirection of their services. The recent development of cyber crimes or cyber attacks has increased the severity of the need for information security throughout most industries. As such, organizations have put more emphasis on the creation of a very solid infrastructure to bolster their cybersecurity posture. With this, more organizations are required to hire a lot more experts in the field.


This is a result of the fact that cyber criminals and hackers are increasingly clever in their ways of accessing and harvesting the private and personal information of people using these networks. Most IT-based companies find it rather difficult to monitor their networks for cyber threats because it requires more than just the basic monitoring tools such as email filters and firewalls, which many organizations are not actually employing. They also need to protect against external threats through the employment of more advanced and technically advanced technologies such as intrusion detection systems (IDS) and network security solutions. Such devices help in detecting intrusions and automatically block them by implementing sophisticated detection algorithms and performing manual tasks such as locking and deleting infected computers.

Cloud computing has been the buzzword in the cyber world for quite some time now, yet few companies have really adopted it to the extent that they should. The reason behind this delay in adoption is that companies are still not certain as to whether or not cloud services will be a feasible way of mitigating the growing threats posed by online malware and attacks. Only time will tell, but for now it is safe to say that Cloud security solutions are still at the developmental stage and therefore may not be enough to guarantee an organization’s overall security needs.